Upper School

Congratulations Chloe!

Massive congratulations to Chloe Davies who received her first cap for Wales in Clay Pigeon Shooting this summer.

Shooting for the last 4 years, Chloe started with the Sporting Discipline but quickly moved on to the Down the Line Discipline and now shoots Olympic Trap. The youngest female to represent Wales in Olympic Trap, Chloe achieved runners up medals for both individual and team competitions at the Griffin Lloyd shooting ground Mid Wales in August.

Chloe’s next competition will be in October where she will be shooting for the Glamorgan Juniors using the Ball Trap Discipline, demonstrating what an all-rounder she is in this fascinating sport.

A remarkable young lady, Chloe is determined to take her expertise as far as she can and has the Olympic Games in her sights! Well done Chloe we will all be watching with interest to see your progress.

Clay shooting is the popular and growing sport of shooting flying clay targets with a shotgun. Hitting the target requires skill, timing and hand-eye coordination and is ideal as a family activity.

Down-the-Line Trap (DTL) is the most popular version of trap in the UK. A single target is thrown each time the shooter calls ‘Pull!’, but the shooter has two shots to hit the target. Three points are awarded for a first-barrel hit and two points if a second shot is needed.

As its name indicates, Olympic Trap is one of the disciplines that form the shooting programme at the Olympic Games. Olympic Trap targets are much faster and with more varied angles and heights than DTL targets. Scoring is calculated on the basis of one point per target hit, regardless of whether this is achieved with the first or with the second barrel.