Congratulations to Dan Middleton, Evan Thomas, Tyreese Askey, Joshua Heywood, Teagan Croad, Kacey Davies, Ffion Dunne, Bailey Dunne, Asher Chappell, Brandon Elkins, McKenzie Thomas and Ethan Owen who have successfully completed the Life Warriors course.

The Life Warriors course is a 10-week martial arts and boxing program, promoting physical activity and/or integrating martial arts, personal development and youth leadership to counter behavioural issues and help equip young people with tools to support them in creating a positive future.

The physical engagement program is focussed on increasing participation in sport and increasing physical and mental wellbeing. Over 10 weeks they have learned to build the foundation of martial arts skills and physical literacy, building confidence and self-esteem as the participant’s progress

The personal development program uses a blend of martial arts training and activities/discussions aimed at introducing or developing transferable personal skills. These include self-awareness and reflection, communication, responsibility and leadership, discipline and innovation.