King Charles Meets Youth Parliament Representatives

Dafydd Starkey Year 13 was fortunate to meet our new King and Queen consort when they visited the Senedd last week.

Dafydd, who represents Llamau in the Welsh Youth Parliament was among twelve representatives chosen to greet the new King.

His majesty was keen to find out about the Youth Parliament and how often they meet. He also asked Dafydd what he was studying and was quick to respond to exams with ‘Oh, they are a pain, I’m glad I don’t have to do them anymore’.

The Queen consort was keen to know if Dafydd would be continuing his career in politics which he was quick to assure her he was.

Elected in 2021, Dafydd along with 59 other young people, will spend two years working with each other, Members of the Senedd and young people across Wales to raise awareness of issues and call for change. In particular, they will concentrate on the three issues the Members of the Welsh Youth Parliament chose to prioritise; The Climate and the Environment, Education and the School Curriculum and Our Mental Health and Wellbeing.