Senior School

Meet our Senior Student Team

Hi my name is Lois, I’m in year 13 and I’m a head student. I’m currently studying maths, further maths, economics, and computer science. I have chosen to study economics at university as this is a subject that I enjoy learning and researching about. I’ve applied to University of St Andrews, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea.

I have also applied for a financial services apprenticeship with an investment bank as I enjoyed my work experience with this company. I haven’t got a fixed career path at this point so I’m hoping university will help with this.

I’m a self-taught musician in my spare time and I enjoy playing with others and working on new music!

My main focus as a head student this year is to raise awareness for mental health around the school. This is an issue I feel very passionate about and I think it’s becoming an increasing problem in RCT and Wales as a whole. I want to make sure that everyone feels positive about being in school and ensure that everyone knows they have someone to talk to if they aren’t feeling themselves. My goal is to get younger year groups more involved with promoting awareness and creating a support network for pupils throughout the school.

As a head student, I think it is important to be a role model to younger students, whilst providing support to those who need it. I also look forward to working with the other head students in raising funds for different causes throughout the year.

If I could change one thing in the world, I would want equality and fairness. I’ve seen too many people turn down opportunities because they’re from a lower income background and too many people being unable to access the right resources and education for them. I would want to ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation or background, had a fair opportunity in choosing their future.


    My name is Megan Lewis and I am currently a head student in Tonyrefail Community School. In the future, I aspire to become a doctor and as a result I am studying Biology, Chemistry, History and Welsh Baccalaureate. I have applied to study medicine at Liverpool, St Georges, Cardiff and Exeter as well as Bristol for Biomedical sciences.

One interesting fact about me would be that I got into the final of The Junior Bake Off in 2015 and the experience was amazing.

Hopefully, this year there will be many initiatives that I will be able to get involved with but there is one that I am particularly interested in getting involved in. Mental Health is an extremely significant topic in society and rightly so. Being such a prevalent issue I do feel that it requires immediate action and hopefully we will be able to provide that action this year.

Personally, I feel the only way to resolve the issue is consistent and focused time to reflect on it. One idea I would like to put forward would be regular digital detoxes. That can be as extreme as not using social media all day, one day a week or even just limiting your daily usage to give your mind a break from the screen.

When it comes to an issue in the world that I would like to change, the one that springs to mind would be the inconsistencies in worldwide healthcare systems. Nobody should ever have to worry whether or not they can afford to save their life and currently people all around the world are doing exactly that.


My name is Robert Matewere and I am one of the current head boys of Tonyrefail Community School. I joined Tonyrefail Community School in September 2019 after completing my GCSE’s at Ferndale community school. Tonyrefail has made me feel very welcome, I didn’t feel as if I struggled with the transition to another school as there is always someone to help you with whatever it is that you need and the educational support here is incredible.

My hobbies include basketball, Fitness, Learning and eating. I am a three times Wales basketball representative and third place FIBA Division C winner.

For A Level, I have chosen to study Physical education, Religious Education and Biology. This is because I have a passion for learning about how the body works and biomechanics behind that, I am fascinated by different cultures and different religions around the world. By picking these subjects I hope to make myself a culturally diverse and well educated person.

In the future I hope to move on to study at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) studying Physiotherapy to achieve my dream of opening my own clinic and running my own physiotherapy centre. In addition to this, I am hoping to get a scholarship into Manchester Met to advance my basketball career with one of the top basketball universities in England.


  My name is Abbi McDonald and I am one of the Head Students for this year!

This year I am studying English Literature & Language, History and Business. I wish to study Law next year at University and have applied to Oxford, University College London, Exeter, Bristol and Cardiff. My ideal future would be to attend the University of Oxford and then later become a solicitor in the criminal sector or perhaps pursue a career in politics. As a head student, this year I wish to enforce a focus on student wellbeing. This spans mainly throughout the entirety of Sixth Form which aids students in managing stress, mental health, personal statements (and preparation) and more.

Some interesting facts about me are that I own my own baking business and I represented Team Wales for Dance in the world championships for two years consecutively.I am extremely proud of myself for earning 4 A’s in Year 12 being accepted onto multiple different programmes such as the Sutton Trusts Cambridge summer school and London School of Economics’ student shadowing.

If I could change one thing in the world it would be to end the abuse and mental stigmas of people toward minorities and POC.


Hello my name is Rhys Morgan. I am currently in year 13 and am Head Student of Tonyrefail Community School. After 6 form I plan to go on to university to study Law.

Law has been a huge passion for me and is the perfect way for me to follow in someone I idolise such as Kier Starmer to later on pursue a career in politics. Where I, like many others wish to become Prime Minister.

I have applied to 5 universities and have received 4 conditional offers and am waiting to hear back from one more. In life I want to make the world fairer for the less fortunate. As a result I have made it so that I have based my year as head student to focus on the foodbanks which I have worked at since 2016.

Overall one thing I would wish to change in life would be to make Free School Meals available to all children regardless of income as every child should have the right to food.


      My name is Nikita. I originally moved to Tonyrefail to study in the sixth form. I am currently studying Media Studies, English Language and Literature, Performing Arts and Welsh Bacc.

When I joined the Sixth Form at Tonyrefail I was originally planning on pursuing a career in drama/ performing. However, I soon discovered studies of media and became passionate about journalism and media communications. This formed a new pathway of wanting to pursue a career in these subjects at university. When I finish my university degree in media, journalism and communications I would like to work as a news presenter or journalist for a big news company.

My initiative for being Head Student is to give back to the community. I intend to so this by hosting events to give money back to our local area. This includes additional support with Covid and to hopefully, further relationships with our local homes, bringing happiness to the isolated vulnerable and elderly. I would like to host a virtual event and send an individual care parcel.

If I could change one thing in the world it would be for a protective political space. Doing this will protect individuals and groups to contribute with policy making also allows freedoms of expression and opinion. Hopefully doing so will allow us a step closer to world peace.