TCS Big Book Giveaway

Come and join us on our reading journey. On Thursday 11th February we are launching our Tonyrefail Community School Reading Fiction Journey through a Big Book Giveaway.

There will be over 150 clear bags tied to the school fence, each containing a brand-new book from the school’s Reading Fiction Journey, along with a bookmark, hot chocolate sachet and a tea bag.

Come along between 10am and 2pm, take home a bag and enjoy its contents. Social distancing guidelines will need to be observed and people are asked to only touch the bag that they intend to take please.

The school’s Reading Fiction Journey is a pledge that on their pathway through the school every Tonyrefail Community School learner will encounter the ‘T.C.S cannon’ of 44 fiction books (in addition to their curriculum and independent reading). The 44 books were selected by staff and students as ‘books everyone should encounter’. As an all-through school, the journey features books for Nursery children right through to sixth form students.

While the T.C.S. Big Book Giveaway affords the school community the opportunity to acquire one of the books from the Reading Fiction Journey, all of the books will also be available to borrow. Details of this, along with access to T.C.S. staff readings of the books, will be released after the February half-term.

The scheme embodies the school’s belief in the importance of reading and its commitment to improving the literacy skills and experiences of its learners.