Middle School

Eloise Williams, Children’s Laureate Wales

A group of Year 7 and 8 pupils have completed a series of Access an Author workshops with Children’s Laureate Wales, Eloise Williams. Pupils received a copy of Eloise’s novel ‘Seaglass’ and then attended virtual session to read and discuss the novel, as well as using it to inspire their own creative writing.

On completion of the programme, Eloise told our pupils, “Everyone is made of stories. They are our history, our present and our future. The power of words belongs to you and to everybody. Go out there and tell your stories with your own voice, in your own way. You are an author already.”

At TCS we always strive to provide opportunities for our pupils to engage in reading for pleasure but perhaps this year more than ever we have been aware of the many benefits that reading has, impacting so powerfully on language development and academic progress but also on creativity, empathy and well-being. Those benefits have been very evident throughout the Access an Author project. Our students have been engaged, inspired and have grown in confidence each session. They have valued the opportunity to work with someone like Eloise but also to form connections with each other through this unique literary experience.