The Tonyrefail Community School Reading Journey

Earlier this year, we launched our Tonyrefail Community School Reading Journey, which is our pledge that in their journey from Nursery to Year 13 every one of our learners will have the opportunity to engage with our T.C.S cannon of 44 fiction books (in addition to their curriculum and independent reading).

We can now bring you recorded readings of each of the books. Each book on the journey has been selected by a member of staff in our school and a video produced of them reading the book or an extract from it. To access the recording, you just click on the picture of the book in the image below.

We believe in the power of reading. It develops creativity and imagination. It builds vocabulary and language skills. It exercises the brain, improves memory and allows empathy. This is why at Tonyrefail Community School, we believe in ensuring our learners have access to books and opportunities to read.

All books on the journey can be borrowed from the school. if you enjoy the videos and would like to borrow the book, please do get in touch.

Click on the Graphic to begin!