** Nursery Admissions Sept 2022**

We are pleased to confirm that all of our Nursery places will be FULL TIME.

The Lower School Vision

Lower School aims to nurture a positive, accepting and safe environment for all of our learners based on respect, trust and integrity. Everyone will have a voice. Both children and staff will have opportunities to achieve their full potential in our continued pursuit of excellence. There will be no fear of failure, only an opportunity for learning. Our team of confident, capable and passionate educators all strive to deliver a balanced and broad curriculum, based on purposeful life experiences, where exploration, risk taking and independence is encouraged, celebrated and valued. The skills and knowledge our children will gain at lower school will form a fantastic base in their development journey throughout our community school.

Head of Lower School

  • Mrs Kimberly Locke

Deputy Head of Lower School

  • Mrs Jennifer Emery

Lower School Pupils’ Extra-Curricular Activities

We have some extraordinary talent in the Lower School and this is not just reserved for the classroom! Have a look at how amazingly talented are young people are. If we have missed anyone or if you would like your child’s extra-curricular achievements recognised, please let us know we would be delighted to share their accomplishments.


    • Henry Bowden is in the Little Kickers Football Club.
    • Greyson Gilbert-Mack has just achieved his 5m swimming badge.


    • Connie Pothecary is taking Samba dance classes.
    • Joel Sims has started Rugby and Football clubs. He has his 15m badge in swimming.
    • Aria Thomas has just started Football Club and Dance Classes; she is enjoying socialising and learning new skills.


    • Shane Matthews is in Gymnastics Club, has his orange belt in Karate and 200m badge in swimming.

Year 3

    • Blake Bradshaw is in a Football Club and plays the Guitar.
    • Asher Chappell is in a Football Club, he has achieved his 100m swimming badge.
    • Mia Jenkinson attends a Drama club and enjoys art & Crafts.
    • Kyan Pond is learning to Horse ride.
    • Austin-J Pothecary is in U9’s Football Club, swimming lessons and attends Tonyrefail Boys and Girls Club. He loves Maths and Science.
    • Cohan Smallman is in a Football Club.
    • Tyler Wichard is in a Swimming Club, she has achieved her 400m badge. She also does Karate and is expected to pass her first grading in May.

Year 4

  • Kaydance Christopher-Waldron dances twice a week with The House of Funk Dance Group.
  • Noah Ellis is in a Circus School, plays the Banjo and loves art and comic book writing.
  • Jack Griffiths is in a Kickboxing Club.
  • Tailorjai Johnson is in a Rugby and Athletics Club. He enjoys Technology – use and problem solving.
  • Kaylan Lynch is in a Swimming Club.
  • Mia Patterson is has achieved a B grade in all three of her belt gradings and is currently on a red/black belt in Kickboxing. Mia has also achieved student of the month for her commitment and hard work within the club.