Middle School

Our Vision

Middle School will provide an innovative learning environment where all our learners excel academically, socially and emotionally through the collaborative efforts of the community, staff and learners. We are committed to building on the strong foundations of the Lower School and to prepare our learners for the continuation of their academic journey by giving them the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary to promote life-long learning and become successful 21st century citizens.

Meet the Team

Miss C Manners
Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Joseph
Deputy Head of School

Mrs C Carter
Student Support Officer

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  1. Will I make new friends?

You will make lots of new friends! There are so many opportunities to meet new people and develop friendship and fantastic learning relationships.

  1. Are the teachers nice or scary?

The teachers are all very nice and will help you to settle in very quickly. Make sure you ask lots of questions, they don’t mind! They are always here to help.

  1. Will I get lost?

Yes probably as everyone does in their first few weeks as the school is quite big. However, you will have a map given to you by your form tutor and will go on a tour as part of your first induction day. We have 3 different floors (Pen y Fan – Lowest, Cadair Idris – Middle, Snowdon – Highest). The school is big but you will learn your way around very quickly and there are always people on hand to help if you do get lost; please don’t worry.

  1. Where do I go at the start of the day?

You go to your form room every morning to start the day with your form tutor and then you move around the building for five exciting different lessons throughout the day.

  1. Will I get homework?

Yes! But, probably not as much homework as you think. It is set to support and develop your learning from your lessons and develop your independence in learning.

  1. Where will we go at break and lunch time?

Every year group has a different zone allocated for your break and lunch time so you can enjoy the space together. This will be shown to you on your first day.

  1. Do TCS have a merit system?

Yes, we use ClassCharts to record information on your progress, attitude to learning and behaviour. Teachers will award positive merit points for so many reasons! You will gets merits for good behaviour too and there are many rewards for these!

  1. Are there people I can ask for help if I need it?

Yes, always for many different reasons! There are staff and students on hand to help with every situation or problem. Everyone at TCS is really helpful! The older pupils in other years are also very happy to help you too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  1. Do I need to bring things to school?

Yes please! There is information about this in your transition pack and also in our Introduction powerpoint presentation on our website. Your form tutor will also inform you of our equipment list on your first day, which will include items to support your learning and essentials for the day. Don’t forget, always bring a drink to school! Keeping hydrated is really important to ensure you’re fit for learning!

  1. How will I know what lessons I have during the day?

You will be given a copy of your new timetable which you can carry with you. Some students take a photo of their timetable or use the ClassCharts app to help them navigate throughout the day.

  1. Is the food good at TCS and what is on offer?

The school canteen food is really good! There is an example menu in your welcome packs and on the school website. Have a look and see!

  1. Are there extra-curricular clubs to get involved in?

There are lots of after school clubs which cover so many interests and faculty areas. There is something for everyone and we would love everyone to get involved!