Senior School: Year 12 – Year 13

September 2022 Applications Now Closed

Introduction shows:

The Senior School Vision

Senior School is a place where every student will want to study at post 16. Dedication, hard work and a strong sense of social responsibility will ensure our students develop into knowledgeable, confident, caring, optimistic and resilient young people who will set and achieve realistic goals and lead fulfilling lives. Students will reflect on their time at Tonyrefail Community School with pride and will be empowered to contribute productively to their local and global community in order to work towards a sustainable and successful future.

Head of Senior School

  • Mrs Vicky Morgan

Deputy Head of Senior School

  • Mr Huw Morris

Assistant Head of Senior School

  • Mrs Elizabeth Hynam

Attendance and Curriculum Officer

  • Ms Anna Morris

Head Students

  • Lois Bryan
  • Megan Lewis
  • Robert Matawere
  • Abbi McDonald
  • Rhys Morgan
  • Nikita Ridley

Deputy Head Students

  • Penny Evans
  • Morgan John
  • Shaye-Marie Jones
  • James Nickson